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Born on the Island of Mauritius, I live in Montreal, Quebec. My repertoire consists of Jazz Favorites, Adult Contemporary and Electro Pop songs with a touch of World Music.  I have performed with several International artists such as: La Compagnie Creole, Namori (La Place des arts), Coco Thompson (Fiérté Mtl) and have participated to Festival International Nuits d’Afrique, Festival International du cinéma Vues d’Afrique and Les Nuits Blues des Laurentides.  My passion for music is driven by the love of sharing Feel good vibes with my fans. I love to see their faces light up during my shows!

FM radio host and producer of la Chronique des Mascareignes & Chronique Zone de confort on 102,3FM and voice for Commercial Advertising, I love the good life and being part of great “Happenings” !

Health, Love, Happiness and lots of Success be part of your everyday. Enjoy every moment and be kind to the ones you love for the treasures of the heart are the most precious.  Miracles abound when we find a place of deep love and inner peace within our selves.  Blessings!

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